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Health Courses from Bircham University


Continuing Education in Health

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Faculty of Natural Health Science


The accredited continuing education courses of health courses use a multidisciplinary approach to explore the areas of physical and psychological health.


The accredited continuing education courses of health cover topics ranging from public health to various therapies. These courses emphasize natural medicine, nutrition, psychology, and welfare and cover the basic biological and scientific bases needed to understand other closely-related disciplines such as psychology.


The accredited continuing education courses of health explain the importance of adopting a vital and healthy lifestyle. Many therapies within natural health and psychology, recognized by traditional universities, are rigorously taught at Bircham International University.


The conditions for practicing therapy, professional health, psychology, or in other related specialty, vary widely depending on the country. The accredited continuing education courses of health at BIU give additional value to the profession of a therapist/health or psychology professional, and do not exempt him/her from complying with existing legislation for its practice.


List of the accredited continuing education courses of health:

Biology Courses

Natural Health Courses

Public Health Courses

Nutrition Courses

Psychology Courses

Therapies Courses

Wellness Courses


Bircham International University offers affordable Bachelor’s (B.B.A., B.S., B.A.), Master’s (M.B.A., M.S., M.A.), Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees, professional diplomas (Specialist & Expert) and hundreds of continuing education accredited courses through full distance learning. Bircham Distance Learning University programs allow a flexible schedule and minimum interference with your professional life.


A unique Company Training formula may be applied to any Bircham University program in over 200 programs of study. These range from management, business, communicationshumanities, artspsychologynatural health, therapiescomputerssciencestechnology to engineering among many others, and lead to accredited course certificates and earning of ECTS creditsacquisition.


Distance learning continuing education is not for everyone nor all purposes. It is meant for busy working professionals. Bircham International University offers an alternative to higher education to adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a traditional on-campus university and/or who cannot find an adult degree program that meets their specialization requirements. 


You may enroll from anywhere in the world and at any time of the year. 

Bircham University offers continuing education payment plans up to 6 installments.


We are just an e-mail or phone call away.



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